Friday, September 7, 2007


We have received some much needed rain the past couple of September days here in Mulberry Grove. While I don't have the exact numbers, I can see the results of the thirsty ground drinking in the rain. The grass has begun to green and my dried and parched garden is beginning to once again show signs of life. The cracks in the ground are beginning to close and the swimming pool is a bit fuller than it had been. When water quenches the thirst of a parched ground, things begin to happen.

It is safe to say that this applies to our spiritual lives as well. Or at least it should! If you have ever heard anyone tell their "story" of how Jesus changed their lives, it usual starts with a starving or thirsting longing to find something they were missing. And the moment comes when Jesus touches their lives and refreshes them in a new, different, and nearly unbelievable way. Even for those who don't have the remarkable "stuck in the gutter" experiences, the moment when Jesus began to refresh their lives was totally amazing.

If you remember the accounts in the Bible of the final moments of Jesus, you will remember that one of his last 7 phrases was, "I thirst." At that time, someone there gave him a sponge soaked in cheap wine and drugs for the pain. At that moment, Jesus took in the fluid and shortly thereafter he died. Was this a moment in which the laws of nature did not come true? No, because His refreshing brought an even greater refreshing to our lives.

Today, are you thirsty? Why not try a drink of the "living water" that shall means you shall never, deep down inside, thirst again? I am sure all of us could use a little drink!

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