Friday, September 21, 2007

Words, Words, Words

James 1:26: If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his relgion is worthless!

Have you ever said something you were sorry for. In the old novel, "Man Without a Country", after many days of traveling on boats and just seeing land in sight, the man who so vehemently denied his country began to long for a return to the land he remembered. Oh, if only he had been more careful with his words!
Have you ever said that, "I wish I had been more careful with my words!" Did you ever say something that hurt others so deeply, life would never be the same. You can no more take those words back, than you can squirt the deodorant you use back into the can! And it hurts.
Maybe you have made promises to someone else you didn't keep. Maybe you made promises to God you didn't keep. Whatever the case, you sure wish you had.
Each Lord's Day, we have a chance to come and look at where we have been this past week. Maybe you can't change the hurtful things you said, but you can repent of them. And you can make it right between you and God because of the death of Jesus on the cross. Today, start to decide you want to do what is right and you want to mean what you say and you want to do what you say. It will change your life.
And while you are thinking about your words and seasoning your tongue, don't forget on September 26 to stop and praise God for our schools and the people who lead them. They may not always make the "right" decision but they usually make the "best" and I am thankful for them. Would you encourage your children in school to be at the flag pole at the school at 7:45. And, maybe you could join somne of us adults across the street as we pray as well.
God, we don't intend to say mean and unkind words. Sometimes they slip out. Please forgive us when we don't do and say what we should. Help us to be different because the world needs to see different. And, Father, thank you for our schools. Guide its leaders and administrators. Direct its teachers to teach in wisdom and its students to learn. We want to be more like Jesus where we live. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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