Friday, September 14, 2007

And A Time For Everything Under the Sun

The writer of Ecclesiastes understood very well. Life comes at us in cycles. It is day and then it is night; we are born and then we die; we laugh and then we cry; we work and then we rest.

If this is true, and I am sure that it is, why are we so surprised when we discover we have good days and bad days. You know what I mean--some days we are joyful and excited and everything is right with the world. And the next day, we are down in the dumps and even our faith in God can't pull us out of the shadows we feel, or at least so it seems.

Our hope is this: the Hebrew writer reminds us that Jesus Christ is the same everyday. His love and compassion of yesterday is still the same as today, no matter how bad today is going. And the joys and mountaintops of today, when when we are in the valleys tomorrow, He is still there with us encouraging us and kicking us on through despite the blackness we feel.

Friends, don't give up. If the Bible is right, and I believe it is, this old globe has been spinning for 6000 or more years. And from the very onset, God has been watching it and holding it together and taking care of us. He has seen the cycles; he created them I suppose it is fair to say. So, as you face them, go with God. Trust Christ! And get ready for the ending of the cycles is the ending of the world. And we will go to be with God forever. Praise His Holy name.

Dear God, I confess there are things in this world I don't understand. But as I see the cycles of life, help me to be prepared to face both the good and the bad with integrity. And prepare my soul to be with you forever. Help that to always be good enough for me. In Jesus name, AMEN!

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