Thursday, January 15, 2009

Read John 1:45-48

If we had to assemble a team of workers to accomplish some task, we would most likely look for people with the skills we needed and the temperament to work together for the project we had in mind. Obviously Jesus knew the skills of the disciples he chose but they are not apparent from John's writing.

Here is Nathanael resting under a tree - hardly sounds like an eager worker - and his first comment is a disparaging one about a neighboring town. What we might hear in town about someone from Keyesport. He does not sound like a team player. But Jesus knew what he wanted and he convinced Nathanael to join the team.

When we look for prospective disciples we need to rely on Jesus' vision and not our own. We do not need to be selective to our standards - to look for people who we think are qualified. We need to invite everyone and let God qualify them.

Lord God, help us invite whomever we find and trust in you to do the selection. Amen.

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